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The ancient text still rings true "A wise person builds their house on a solid foundation." At Rock Solid Planning we strive to help our clients and their businesses firmly stand on a robust financial foundation. We will provide excellent service by listening first and then mutually determining your needs. Our interests reside in helping people attain life goals through proper management of financial resources.

Some attributes our firm consistently strives for include a high level of integrity, elite professional competency, clear communication, objectivity, and professionalism.

Our belief is that these actionable attributes will solidify a strong ongoing relationship as we pursue a Rock Solid Foundation in planning needs.

Financial Services: Whether you are a business or an individual, your finances warrant the attention of a professional advisor. When you partner with Rock Solid Planning, your finances will be treated with integrity, care, and the experience your hard work and dedication deserves.

Tax Services: While most financial services firms offer tax support, very few have Certified Professional Accountants on their team. As nice as it is to get well-meaning advice, you shouldn’t have to settle for general knowledge when it comes to something as important as filing your taxes. With over 30 years of income tax experience, our team of CPAs aren’t simply knowledgeable when it comes to taxes, but are preparation and tax planning experts.

Legacy Planning: Preparing for what happens with your assets after retirement, shouldn’t be viewed as the end - but rather, a new beginning. Building a legacy estate plan with we will help pursue that your assets are allocated correctly, and left in the capable hands of your loved ones when you pass. Properly managing your affairs during your lifetime, can be one of the most powerful and long-lasting gifts you will ever give your family.

Partner with us to pursue your financial security today, tomorrow, and for future generations to come.