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Proper management of your financial goals today means a better chance of achieving them tomorrow. Trust us to steer you on the path that will lead to the sound financial future of your dreams.

We offer a full suite of financial planning services to individuals and businesses. Whether you are seeking a rock solid investment portfolio for your personal assets, or are a small business owner in need of professional financial solutions - we are here to help.

Individual Services: 

As a comprehensive financial and legacy planning firm, Rock Solid Planning is here to help you with the management of your personal financial life. Genuinely passionate about building trustworthy relationships with our clients, our team is truly humbled and honored to assist you on your journey to a sound financial future. In partnership with Avantax Investment Services SM*, RockSolid Planning is proud to extend the following suite of services to you and your family:


  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning *
  • Family Risk Management
  • Investment Planning*
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Legacy (Estate) Planning
  • Cash Flow & Debt Management
  • Values Based Investments

Today is nearly over, and tomorrow is almost here. Why not end every day with the peace of mind you deserve? Give us a call or stop by to get started, today.

Business Services:

RockSolid Planning has an understanding of the financial nuances and unique needs of businesses like yours. Maybe it is because we are a small business ourselves, or perhaps it’s because the entrepreneurial spirit excites us to our core. Either way, our dedicated team of CFPs, CPAs, and CKAs, are equipped to assist you in all your financial business needs.


Ready to help you reach the business goals you are in passionate pursuit of, our team has only one question: How can we help your business succeed?


  • Tax planning and Preparation (Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Trusts, Estates)
  • QuickBooks Services
  • Business Financial Planning*
  • Employee Benefit Solutions
  • Business Financial Services
  • Business Risk Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Legacy (Estate) Planning
  • Cash Flow & Debt Management
  • Business Start-Up Services and Entity Selection