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Values-Based Comprehensive Financial Planning Income Tax Strategies Legacy Planning

“True treasure comes when we use our resources in a way that honors our values and purpose.”
Rachel McDonough, CFP

Step 1. Have a 15 Minute Phone Call.

Step 2. Get Your Free Planning Session.

Step 3. Create A Plan Unique to you. 

The 360 degree experience using the V4 system<br /><br /><br />

The 360 degree experience using the V4 system

Our professional relationship with you enhances the financial experience.  Your personalized plan allows you to meet the needs of your ongoing financial planning. Partnering with HDVest allows our clients to access the dominant technology of the V4 Experience.  Click below to learn more about how our cutting edge financial services we can serve you. 

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Have you thought about&#8230;?<br /><br /><br /><br />

Have you thought about…?

What are the risks associated with wealth transfer to a financially challenged adult child and what are your options?

Which of the numerous options for college planning is your best fit?

As a business owner, do you know which of the numerous retirement plans may be the best fit for you?

Have you considered, "How much is enough?"

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Are Your Values Aligned with Your Investments?<br /><br /><br />

Are Your Values Aligned with Your Investments?

There is more to investing than just returns.  Did you know that you may have profited from pornography, human trafficking, abortion, gambling, tobacco, etc. Today, you can have the opportunity to align your values to your investments. Click below to access our unique screening tool that can uncover where your investment dollars are allocated. 

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What&#8217;s Your Number for Lifetime Guaranteed Income?

What’s Your Number for Lifetime Guaranteed Income?

Many people do not know their income needs in retirement. The retirement planning process involves several steps and variables to determine lifetime income. What will your number be? Will this number change as your circumstances through life changes? Do you have predictable income versus probable income? Do you know the difference?  Request a consultation now and begin planning. 

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Values Based Audit

Are your hard-earned monies unknowingly or indirectly being invested in

abortion, pornography, human rights violations, etc.?

You can find out by selecting:

Screen Your Portfolio

Helping Clients Invest In Their Financial Dreams

Our experienced team would like to invite you to schedule a casual introductory consultation.  In this informal setting, we take a comprehensive look at your current financial health, tax planning, and legacy planning status.  Our team seeks to find clients that desire a meaningful, long-term partnership, built on a willingness to form common goals to improve overall financial well-being.

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